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A complete toolkit of visual strategy and innovation tools for the future.

Strategy Tools for the Next generation is an on-going action research program led by Engage // Innovate.The work builds on one main idea: We need new strategy tools for the future.

Most of today’s strategy tools are insufficient to explain many of our times most successful companies.

The next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, risk takers and pirates need new tools to master strategic innovation.
They need new, visual  tools to make strategic innovation happen. Read about the tools.


Strategy Tools for the Next Generation




The 4th annual World Innovation Convention

Join our workshops “Your Innovation toolkit: Strategy Tools for the Next Generation” and ”Making [X] happen: behind the scenes”.

Learn how you can master new, visual tools for strategic innovation. help create more bold and innovative strategies and facilitate more innovation in your own organization. Join us in Cannes for the fantastic WIC 2013.


Front End of Innovation 2014

FEI Munich

 Strategy Tools for the Next Generation will be the key focus of two workshops at the Front End of Innovation 2014.



Strategy Tools for the Next Generation featured as a HACK at the Management Innovation Exchange.We need new strategy tools for the future. Tools that are fit for the realities of more speed, more change and more innovation. The next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, risk takers and pirates need to master strategic innovation.
Our hack is a series of visual strategic innovation tools: Strategy Tools for the Next Generation. 

Most of today’s strategy tools are insufficient to explain many of our times most successful companies.

The long-term strategies of firms like Amazon, Apple and Facebook does not fit the current paradigm of strategy teaching in most business school. The mindset, the outsized ambitions, the disruptive attitude, the innovative strategies seen in firms like these does not match the current teaching realities.

In many of today’s business schools, SWOT, Porter’s Five-forces, PESTEL are still taught as primary strategy tools. These are the tools that are supposed to develop the next Amazon or the next Facebook. They will not. We need something else.  We need tools for the future. . Read the full hack at the MIX.

Now also in Brazilian Portuguese 

Tela inovação estratégica is the Brazilian title of the Strategic Innovation Canvas. It is the first of four tools translated into Brazilian Portuguese.
We are currently developing the toolkit inn english, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian. Learn more.

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